Custom Functionz’ 2009 Honda Accord

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Photos via Erik Breihof
In nature, emeralds are found as far away as Colombia to the South, and South Africa to the East, however this emerald 2009 Honda Accord was mined out of the Custom Functionz workshop in White plains, for putting together reliable and stylish dailies, Jeff from Custom Functionz turned his attention away from helping out his customers and focused on sprucing up his own to differentiate himself from the scores of bagged Accords that have come before him, Jeff went straight to work on the exterior of his car and started pulling and flaring the wheel in advance that he needed wider fender space to fit massive 20″x10.5″ Motegi Racing MR127 wheels with an Acura RL Big Brake Kit is what gave Jeff the ability to move forward with his project at such a fast pace, his next move was away from bodywork and onto refining the overall theme of the a car built-in 2009 up to 2014 standards meant adding a set of Anzo R8 styled headlights with a pronounced Subaru WRX front back Jeff showed off his bodywork capabilities by molding on a Mustang GT500 rear diffuser onto the widened bumper. Covering the dual ceramic coated straight pipe exhaust exits like a glove, the new diffuser was truly a match made in was now time to get down to business, literally. Jeff tossed the stock springs and swapped in a complete AirTekk air suspension kit with manual paddle to a 5-gallon air tank, this sturdy air suspension platform has proved to be everything Jeff needed and all the attention to detail that Jeff and his Custom Functionz colleagues have given to the body, he knew he needed a color scheme that would catch everyone’s eye. He opted for an Avery Emerald Green Metallic vinyl wrap that truly made this car back at his creation, Jeff knew he had created something special. With help from his friends and family, he had achieved what he wanted and could focus on the future that lies within Custom 
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